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Chain & Sprockets

What is a chain and sprocket?

A chain and sprocket make up a gear system involving a sprocket wheel with teeth or cogs, together with a chain that is usually perforated, tracked or made up of indented materials. The most common use of chainsand sprockets can be found on machinery that requires rotary motion transmission between two gear shafts. Depending on the kind of mechanism and efficiency you need, the most basic example of using chains and sprockets can be seen in tracked vehicles, cars, chainsaws, motorcycles and bicycles.

Instead of V belts and a V pulley, domestic, agricultural and industrial machinery opt for chains and sprockets to efficiently transmit mechanical power. Printing presses, tube-drawing machines and conveyors are several industrial application examples.

What is the difference between American and British standard chain sprockets?

There are two major standards, the American standard and the British Standard, that are defined by the dimensions of the chains and sprockets.

American standard chains and sprockets conform to the ANSI standard B 29.1, while the British Standard chains and sprockets conform to the ISO 606 B, BS 228 and DIN 8187 European standards.

What chain and sprocket products are available at Bearing Shop?

We do cater to British Standard and American Standard chains and sprockets and have several options of chains, sprockets and platewheels for you to choose from.

  • Tensioners – are adjustable tensioner arms to maintain a constant tension around your chains and sprockets.
  • Pilot bore sprockets - are simplex sprockets used in industrial machinery, cars, bicycles and motorcycles.
  • Taperlock sprockets – are sprockets that come with the Taper Lock mechanism to remove keyway problems or for re-boring.
  • Platewheels– are hub-less sprockets with varying pitches.
For further power transmission products like V belts or a V pulley and an extensive range of bearings to choose from including ball bearings, roller bearing, rod end bearings, Bearing Shop UK is sure to have the right product for you.

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