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To maximise Power Transmission through your machinery, a V Pulley with the right kind of V Belt will help you to achieve it. With multiple choices available, for whatever application you might need, Bearing Shop UK has a plethora of belt products for you to choose from.

V Pulleys – These are the standard combination of V Belts and V Pulleys. V Pulleys are useful for applications like line shafts, rotating brushes, tractors or for simply transferring mechanical power, speed and torque.

Kevlar Mower Belts – These are belts that have been designed to capacitate extra strength and they are able to withstand prolonged use. If you need heavy-duty belts, Kevlar Belts are your best choice.

Taperlock Bushes – These are locks to ensure the efficiency of a V Pulley. Taperlock Bushes are necessary locking mechanisms that are required before you can maximise the use of standard V Pulleys, as well as Taperlock V Pulleys.

Polyflex Belts – These innovative belts, designed by Gates Corporation, are capable of handling greater loads and driving at higher speeds. The first polyurethane belt to hit the market, Polyflex Belts will lessen the stress on your belt cords with their much lighter weight and steeper angles, compared to the standard industry rubber belts.

Specialist Mower Belts – As the name implies, these are the belts typically used in lawnmowers. If you need a belt replacement for your lawnmower, browse through the Mower Belts available from our store.

Aluminium V Pulleys – These are pulleys that are lighter in weight. They regulate the overall efficiency of the rotating mass. If you only need a little power, an Aluminium V Pulley would be ideal. Aluminium V Pulleys also allow less parasitic loss or power loss.

Nutlink Belting – These are high-power, polyurethane elastomer belts which are best used for shock loaded and heavy duty applications. Due to their low stretch and small drive tension with marginal vibration, just like Polyflex Belts, Nutlink Belts benefit from a prolonged lifespan. The polyester/polyurethane composition renders it ideal for heavy duty applications.

Poly V Belts – With efficient torque drive and high ratio, this type of belt is ideal if you need high speed drives within small centre distances. Poly V Belts can be used with smaller pulleys and since there is an increase in the belt’s surface engagement, their drive width can be reduced, increasing the horsepower per inch ratio of the belt width compared to the much larger size of standard V Belts.

Key Steel – These are used to locate and drive drums, couplings, propellers and pulleys from drive shafts.

Aside from V Belts and V Pulleys, we also have a range of Bearings available including Ball Bearings, Needle Bearings, Roller Bearings, and many more. Navigate through our shop and look into more of our products at your convenience.

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  1. 22-8M-30mm (TL) Timing Pulley
    £18.77 £15.64

    Pitch: 8mm
    Teeth: 22
    Belt Width: 30mm
    Bore: Taperlock
    Material: Steel

    Learn More
  2. 22-8M-20mm (TL) Timing Pulley
    £16.74 £13.95

    Pitch: 8mm
    Teeth: 22
    Belt Width: 20mm
    Bore: Taperlock
    Material: Steel

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  3. Partner A-506296702
    £3.84 £3.20
    Manufacturer Part Number: Partner A-506296702 Learn More
  4. DA-S8M-1600-20
    £62.40 £52.00
    Width: 20mm
    Lenght: 1600mm
    Tooth Pitch: 8mm Learn More
  5. FORTSCHRITT BELT HF4250121764
    £131.94 £109.95
    FORTSCHRITT BELT HF4250121765 Learn More
  6. DEUTZ FAHR MAIN HDF06255583
    £32.22 £26.85
    DEUTZ FAHR MAIN HDF06255584 Learn More
    £74.16 £61.80
    DEUTZ FAHR TANK W/ KEVLAR HDF06215239K Learn More
  8. DEUTZ FAHR BELT HDF01141958
    £24.50 £20.42
    DEUTZ FAHR BELT HDF01141959 Learn More
    £18.01 £15.01
    CLAAS REEL VARI HC778562 Learn More
  10. CLAAS BELT HC724181
    £125.92 £104.93
    CLAAS BELT HC724182 Learn More
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Items 1-10 of 7059

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