Benefits Of Registration

By registering to the Bearing Shop UK website, you will benefit from the following...


Save Time

Login to your account and click "Reorder" no need to search for the products again. We also have an address book for you to use, Log in and create as many delivery addresses as you require and just pick the one you need when you place an order


Your Information

Login and update you Billing Address, Shipping Address all on one page



We try to keep our newsletters as relevant and as infrequent as possible, we also hate being spammed by people we have purchased from!


Customer Support

Call, Email, Skype, Fax or send a courier pigeon to us any time between 8:30am-5pm Monday-Friday an we will do our best to answer you questions. Please don't actually send a homing pigeon unless they can open a door!


Favourite Products

Our Cart saves your items for 30 days, or put your favourite items in your wish list to take a better look at later


Checkout Faster

No we have timed this, we had the credit card ready and managed to get from the cart page to the "process order" button in just under 40 seconds. It did then take us 20 minutes to refund all of the test orders, but at least we got a goot time :-)


Order Status Checking

Login and click on "My Orders" it should show all of your recent orders and you should be able to see the current status of your order

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