Bearing Shop UK provide a number of quality and competitively priced Timing Pulleys, available in various styles and sizes to suit your mechanical needs. Our wide variety of Timing Belts ensures that we are sure to meet your needs for custom or standard applications. Timing Pulleys are best to be used in Power Transmission systems, especially if you want to maintain the speed ratio which is an important design factor in many mechanical machines.

We offer a number of Timing Pulleys like those with a trapezoidal tooth profile such as the MXL, XL, L and H styles. For high speed and high torque applications, our 3M, 5M, 8M and 14M styles are your best choice. For metric trapezoidal Timing Pulleys, choose from T2.5, T5, AT5, T10 and AT10.

Since pulley bore sizes vary, contact us to help you confirm the exact bore size of your pulleys before you make your purchase. You can also call us on 08000 096 098 for any general enquiry about other mechanical products from us like Ball Bearings, V Belts, V Pulleysetc.

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