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Paste In a List of Products & Quantities or Upload a CSV


We make it very easy to quickly add prepared lists to your shopping cart. If you already have a prepared list of products that you would like to purchase but do not want to enter them one by one, follow these simple instructions.

Paste a list into the box

  1. Only two pieces of data can be accepted and are required. Product ID and desired quantity.
  2. Data must be pasted in this format:
    which represents Product ID,Qty.
  3. One entry per line.
  4. Invalid data entries will be ignored.

Upload a basic csv or txt file

  1. Enter the Product ID in the first column and the desired quantity in the second column.
  2. Do not enter headers in the csv, just the data.
  3. Only CSV & TXT files are allowed.


Please enter the information below so that we can e-mail you the quote as shown in your shopping cart. The e-mail you receive will also contain a snippet of code that you can paste into the "Bulk Add To Cart" box to easily re-create the contents of your shopping cart.

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